How To Test Your Mobile App Or Game For China

How To Test Your Mobile App Or Game For China

Just because your app works flawlessly in your home country doesn’t mean it will work in China.

Because many mobile apps and games are built with services that are blocked by The Great Firewall of China, AWS Global, Google Cloud Services, Azure Global, and Firebase are some examples of powerful tools that, if built into your app, will break when trying to use your app in Mainland China.

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If your Android app relies on Google Play Services to be locally installed on the phone – even for features as simple as returning a location – this functionality will also need to be replaced, as many Chinese-brand phones cannot install Google Play Services, even when downloaded through a VPN.

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Finally, if your app or game regularly contacts servers outside of China, be prepared for some slowdown for your local Chinese users. Geography and distance is not the only factor. The government’s filtering of cross-border traffic can negatively impact speeds, which can be crucial for a positive user experience – particularly when it comes to games.

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The AppInChina Advantage

AppInChina offers complete and thorough testing of your app or game in Mainland China, on the most popular Chinese-brand devices, as part of our regular suite of services.

This includes testing for:

  • Availability and Generally loading speeds
  • Crashing, behaviors that are not normal
  • UI elements not loading correctly
  • Missing fonts
  • Translation errors, in both English and Chinese
  • (Any additional testing you require can also be arranged)

And if you are publishing your app or game in China using our distribution service, we will continue to test each iteration and update of your software that you post to the Chinese app stores.

Contact us with your concerns and requirements, and a member of our international, Beijing-based team will put together a custom quote to fit your needs.