Parse Server: The Perfect Firebase Alternative For China

Parse Server: The Perfect Firebase Alternative For China

Firebase is a popular unified platform from Google for building iOS, Android, and web applications. Unfortunately, because most Google services are inaccessible behind the Great Firewall of China, developers releasing apps or games in Mainland China require an alternative backend platform.

Apps depending on Firebase simply will not work reliably in Mainland China and on Chinese devices and computers. Luckily, there is a Firebase alternative: Your own Parse Server in China.

firebase parse server

What is a Parse Server?

After Parse was purchased by Facebook, Facebook released Parse Server as open-source version in 2016. It is a Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) framework currently supported by a strong and active community of open-source developers. It is easy to deploy because it supports the Express web application framework, and requires an infrastructure based on Node.js. Parse Server uses MongoDB for data storage and the Amazon S3 bucket for file system storage, and does not contain any limitation on queries, cloud functions, or database triggers. Parse Server’s reporting tools are also much stronger than Firebase’s.

Once your database is ready, there should be no need to make significant changes to your client code to run applications. Most importantly, no vendor lockdown and a robust development community ensures long-term stability both in and out of China.

Link: Official Parse Server Documentation

Parse Server vs. Firebase

FeatureFirebase Parse Server 
GeneralReal-time BaaS, proprietaryGeneral purpose, open-source 
StorageGoogle Cloud (with limits) Self-hosting on any cloud
DatabaseModel-observer scheme support. Firebase storage also introduced to download and upload files. Supports huge relationship database. 
Custom Code Not supportedCompletely supported 
Works In China?NoYes

How Can AppInChina Help?

We will set you up with a Parse Server instance hosted locally in China on Chinese servers. Not only will it fulfill all compliance requirements of Chinese law, but it is a simple and easy Firebase alternative that will ensure that your users enjoy a more responsive and speedy experience.