Payments Infrastructure For China

Payments Infrastructure

Use AppInChina Pay to accept payments in Mainland China, and manage your China-side business online from anywhere in the world.


Fully Integrated, Unified Platform

Our platform brings together everything that’s required to deploy and manage your apps, games, and online services in China.

AppInChina Pay powers your mobile payments, in-app purchases, in-game payments, online retail and SaaS platforms using our integrated system.

How We Can Help You

Consolidated Financial Management

Unlike WeChat Pay and Alipay's standard backends, AppInChina Pay brings it all together in one consolidated English-language interface.

Export your data to your own financial software. Track all transactions through our robust analytics and metrics tools.

Consolidated Financial Management

Designed for Developers

Our SDKs and APIs are easy-to-use so your developers don’t need to spend months stitching together disparate systems for Alipay and WeChat Pay, or integrating their functionality. Read the Docs

Read the Docs
Designed for Developers

A Mobile-First Approach To Payments

WeChat Pay and Alipay are kings of mobile payment in Mainland China. AppInChina Pay opens these Chinese payment systems up to you, seamlessly bridging the gap between currencies and your current financial management and tracking systems.

A Mobile-First Approach To Payments

AppInChina Pay: Trusted payments platform for China

1Ongoing Improvements

We listen to our users to release new features and improvements as needed to ensure you maintain compliance, compatibility, and usability, according to your needs.


Our systems operate with 99.9%+ uptime and are highly scalable and redundant. AppInChina Pay is certified to the highest compliance standards.

3Full English Support

When you need help, our international, English- speaking support team is just a phone call or message away.

4One-Click Data Export

Import all data into your current financial software packages. Or use our APIs to fully integrate the live data into your system.