Online Game Ethics Committee Established

By Todd KuhnsLast Updated on Dec 7, 2018
Online Game Ethics Committee Established

Release Date: 12-07-2018

Translated from Source: Xinhua News Agency, Beijing

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 7th.

Under the guidance of the Central Propaganda Department, the Online Games Ethics Committee was recently established in Beijing. This is an important measure to implement the spirit of the National Conference on Propaganda and Ideology, actively respond to social concerns, enhance the ideological and cultural connotation of online games, guide online game companies to adhere to the priority of social benefits, and provide people with healthy and useful cultural and entertainment products.

The online game ethics committee is made up of experts and scholars from relevant departments and units as well as universities, professional institutions, news media, industry associations, etc. who study online games and youth issues. They are responsible for online game works that may or have generated moral controversy and social public opinion. Relevant services conduct ethical evaluation, provide decision-making reference for online game management departments, guide online game companies to consciously abide by social morality and professional ethics, and fulfill social responsibilities, and always insist on putting social benefits and protecting the physical and mental health of minors first, and promote management according to law Combined with the governance of Germany and Germany to promote the healthy development of the online game industry. After the establishment of the online game ethics committee, the first batch of online game works with moral hazard were reviewed.

After careful study of the evaluation results of the online game ethics committee, the online game authority instructed the relevant publishing and operating units to carefully modify 11 of them to eliminate moral hazard; and made a decision of disapproval on 9 of these games.

Responsible editor: Liu Yang