What does a content review API do and why do I need one?

What does a content review API do and why do I need one?

1. What is a content review API?

A content review API is an AI moderator that identifies potentially illegal, offensive, sensitive, or inappropriate content.

– Text review: identification of forbidden or sensitive words, malicious advertising, verbal abuse, and pornography.

– Image review: identification of pornography, ads, disturbing and violent images as well as pictures that are of low quality or poor taste.

– Video Review: identification of pornographic, vulgar, banned, illegal, and violent content can all be removed by scanning people, surroundings, objects, and captions. Short videos under 5 minutes and live streaming can be analyzed and reviewed in real-time, whereas longer videos will take time to be analyzed.

– Audio Review: identification of banned, illegal, abusive, pornographic, and ad content.

2. Is it required for my software?

If there is an opportunity for user-generated content to be shared within your software, including but not limited to usernames, text, images, and videos, then it is essential to integrate with a content review API in order to prevent the sharing of illegal content.

For software that doesn’t allow any sharing of user-generated content, it is still necessary for content generated by your company to be reviewed before it is published on your app, website, or SaaS platform. We generally recommend using a content review API for this process, but if the volume of content is relatively low then manual review by AppInChina’s staff is also possible.

3. How does the content review API work?

A content review API can serve two purposes: protecting your software from being taken down due to harmful user-generated content and improving user experience by blocking inappropriate content within your software.

Typically, software can use the API in two ways:

  • Conduct a content review before posting. If the content does not pass the API filter, then the user will be rejected from posting.
  • Conduct a content review immediately after the user posts, and delete/stash the content if it does not pass the review.

4. What does it cost?

Like most cloud products, you can pay as you go or purchase plans. Image content review is the least expensive, followed by text, video, and audio content. Normally, ten thousand reviews should cost no more than CNY 30.

If you have more questions or a specific requirement for a content review API, leave us your contact information here so that our experts can provide you with a suitable solution.