Success Story – Jin Gu Bang English

By Todd KuhnsLast Updated on May 26, 2020
Success Story – Jin Gu Bang English


Jin Gu Bang English is a language learning app that helps users learn to speak American-style English at an intermediate level within 30 lessons in their native language, whether they speak Mandarin or Cantonese, using a unique psychological approach.


When app creator David 小山 made contact with us, he already had the app running successfully on Google Play and the Apple App Store but realized that most people in his target market (Mainland China) would not be able to access the app. Approximately 80% of the mobile market in China is Android, and Google Play is not available in China. He was looking for an easy way to publish and maintain the app to reach the 1.4 billion Chinese speakers who were not currently able to download it.


Our main goals were to help source all the documentation required to publish the app on the top Android app stores in China, acquire a Software Copyright Certificate (SCC) to register the app’s copyright with the Chinese government, and publish and maintain the app on the top 15 Android app stores.


AppInChina examined the app and found that it already met most of the technical and legal requirements to be published in China, with only minor tweaks necessary. Because of this, and the fact that the app was not monetized, AppInChina was able to receive the SCC and necessary licenses within two weeks, and publish on 15 Android app stores one week after this.

In order to make needed upgrades, in August 2019 the creator chose to pull the app temporarily from the app stores and distributed the app to 100 users for feedback. Based on that feedback, necessary changes and corrections were made, and we helped relaunch the app on the Chinese market with no difficulties.


“I needed a good company that would help me get my app in China. In my case, AppInChina got me to where I needed to be in three weeks. Your entire operation is top-notch. I’ve experienced first-hand how efficient and professional your team is, and your service has been so amazing that I refer you to others without a moment of hesitation.”

David 小山 – Creator, Jin Gu Bang English