Success Story – Speedtest by OOKLA

By Antony ChangLast Updated on Oct 10, 2019
Success Story – Speedtest by OOKLA


Speedtest by Ookla allows users to gauge the speed of their internet connection by offering easy, one-tap connection testing in under 30 seconds—accurate anywhere thanks to a global server network.


When Ookla initially inquired about launching the Speedtest mobile app in China, we discovered that:

  • The app had been copied and illegally distributed to 9 out of the top 20 Chinese app stores (roughly 70% market coverage) by unknown third parties.
  • The unofficial apps had more than 4,500,000 organic downloads.
  • The Chinese traffic was being monetized by local SDKs (Ookla didn’t receive any of the revenue).


Our main challenges were to remove all unofficial versions from the app stores, ensure the app wouldn’t be further copied and upload the official app to all relevant traffic sources.

Due to the popularity of the app (high number of downloads), the app stores were reluctant to remove the pirated versions and they claimed the apps were official to avoid taking them down and losing their traffic.

This made reclaiming and protecting the app an extremely difficult process that required various rounds of verification to prove ownership.


  • The app was successfully reclaimed from all traffic sources and back under Ookla’s control.
  • The official version was distributed to all the desired app stores within 2 weeks.
  • Since distribution, the app has gained more than 7,925,000 organic downloads.


“Upon learning that Ookla’s Speedtest app was being pirated in Chinese app stores, we engaged with the AppInChina team to identify a solution. Their app publishing expertise and extensive knowledge of the Chinese ecosystem allowed us to remove the hacked versions and ensure Chinese consumers were not being misled.”

Adam Alexander – VP Strategic Partnerships at Ookla