Success Story – Adblock Plus

By Antony ChangLast Updated on Oct 10, 2019
Success Story – Adblock Plus


Adblock Plus is an easy to use, customizable web browser that gives users control over their mobile browsing experience by blocking annoying ads and saving battery life & data.


When Eyeo made contact about launching Adblock Plus in China, we discovered that:

  • The app had been pirated and unofficially published to 5 out of the top 20 Chinese app stores (roughly 60% market coverage) by unknown third parties.
  • The app needed to be redistributed through a local partner, as Eyeo didn’t have a registered Chinese entity.


Our main goals were to remove all copied versions from the app stores, act as Eyeo’s official publishers and distribute the app to an additional 10 of the top 20 stores and manage the app on all stores after publishing.

Since Eyeo didn’t have a registered Chinese branch of their business, the app stores were hesitant about removing the unofficial versions and publishing the app under our account.

As a result, extra documentation was required to carry out the reclaiming process and complete the redistribution of the app.


  • The app was successfully reclaimed from all platforms and transferred to Eyeo.
  • The official version was distributed to 17 app stores (2 more than agreed) within 6 weeks.
  • Since being published, the app has achieved more than 132,000 organic downloads.


“Once we became aware of the restrictions placed on foreign companies and the endless legal requirements on each app store, we realized that we didn’t have the time or resources to handle the project ourselves. After doing some market research, we decided that AppInChina were the perfect partner for us, as they showed knowledge of the Chinese market and they were the only platform providing a fully-English language service, which allowed me to share information with the rest of our team. AppInChina ensured that the whole process went smoothly, offering valuable feedback, quick responses and comprehensive data reporting, and their local expertise and relationships with the top stores allowed us to solve issues efficiently and effectively.”

Vicky Yu – Global Partnerships Manager at Eyeo