How AppInChina Can Handle Your Customer Service Needs in China

How AppInChina Can Handle Your Customer Service Needs in China

For companies outside of China, there are significant barriers to providing the high-level of customer service that meets their quality threshold:

Licensing and legal compliance. In order to receive the required B24 Call Center Services license to provide customer service support in China, your company and the communication software and services you use and meet a number of legal requirements.

Language barrier. Chinese customers expect support in Mandarin, whether written or spoken.

Staff costs. Finding and hiring a special team of bilingual Mandarin/English speakers to support your Chinese customers is not always practical or cost-effective.

Cultural barrier. The Chinese market and technology environment is remarkably different from the rest of the world. In your home country, it may be difficult to find Mandarin speakers who can understand and relate to the needs and expectations of your Mainland Chinese customers.

Time zone differences. It’s not just that they may be on the other side of the world. Chinese consumers are more mobile than ever before, and they take their native phones and apps with them when they travel throughout the world. Realistically, you need 24-hour support, with peak load times during the Beijing time-zone daytime and evening hours.

Company size. A small company with a small staff usually needs to outsource their on-demand customer service to dedicated, trained professionals.

If these considerations are preventing you from entering the world’s largest app market, you haven’t heard about AppInChina’s comprehensive customer service solution.

How Does AppInChina’s Customer Service Solution Work?

Our solution requires no code integration. We provide a custom WeChat account for your customers to contact.

Simply put this contact information into the “Support” or “Help” screen of your app and forget about it.

  1. When your user has a question, they message the official support account through WeChat, the #1 communication method preferred by Mainland Chinese users.
  2. Dedicated customer support representatives, trained by your company with extensive documentation at the ready, will always be on hand to promptly respond and resolve all first-level issues.
  3. Any additional issues will be escalated to the appropriate department at your company through your preferred method of communication, tracked through our online ticketing system to a full resolution.

There’s no need to worry about complex licensing and legal compliance obligations when we provide the service for you.

Easy Online Ticketing

As with all of our services, AppInChina’s Customer Service Solution is integrated and consolidated into your client dashboard. There, you can view and sort all open and closed tickets, view details, metrics, and responses. We are committed to complete transparency, which means you will always be able to search and view all activity from your customer service representatives, as well as reach them by messaging or phone with any questions or concerns.

The AppInChina Advantage

AppInChina’s international, Beijing-based team has the expertise and experience to support your Mainland Chinese customers so that you can focus on improving and marketing your product. Just tell us your needs and we will quickly put together a custom package that can scale as your company grows.