Notice on Prohibition of Using Online Games for Gambling

By Todd KuhnsLast Updated on Jan 12, 2005
Notice on Prohibition of Using Online Games for Gambling

Release Date: 01-12-2005
Source: SAPPRFT Website, General Administration of Press and Publication

   New Voice [2005] No. 25

Provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) Press and Publication Bureaus:

Recently, in order to gather popularity, some Internet game websites are pursuing economic benefits one-sidedly. They use online games to engage in gambling or disguised gambling activities. Some websites have gambling bureaus to allow players to participate in gambling with virtual currencies, gambling games, etc. These acts have seriously violated the laws of the country, the “Administrative Measures for Internet Information Services”, and the “Regulations on the Administration of Publication”.

In order to maintain the normal order of online game publishing, protect the physical and mental health of minors, and create a stable, healthy, and good online gaming and social environment, we hereby notify the following:

1. All online game R & D and publishing operation agencies shall not develop, publish and operate various types of gambling games or disguised gambling games.

2. Each online game publishing and operating unit shall not provide platforms, tools or services for various types of online gambling games and other gambling activities in any name and in any form.

3. Each website shall not provide download services for various gambling games or disguised gambling game software, and shall not post or link any information and advertisements concerning the promotion of gambling games or disguised gambling games.

The press and publication bureaus of the provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government shall forward this notice to the relevant local websites, and require the relevant websites to immediately conduct a cleanup and self-inspection, and promptly correct any problems found.

For units or individuals who still use online games to publish and engage in gambling activities, the local press and publication administrative departments must work closely with local public security departments and communication management departments to resolutely investigate and deal with them. Anyone who violates the law shall be investigated for criminal responsibility.