Notice on Healthy Gaming Advice in Games

By Todd KuhnsLast Updated on Sep 1, 2003
Notice on Healthy Gaming Advice in Games

Release Date: 09-01-2003
Source: SAPPRFT Website

New Voice [2003] No. 861

Provincial, Autonomous Region, Municipality Press and Publication Bureaus, Electronic Publication Publishing Units, Internet Game Publishing Institutions:

In March 1996, the Press and Publication Administration promulgated the “Interim Regulations on the Management of Electronic Publications” in accordance with the “Regulations on the Administration of Publication”. Regulations on the Administration of Publishing, promulgated the “Interim Provisions on the Administration of Internet Publishing”, and implement centralized management of electronic game publications and Internet game publications. Since then, localities have seriously implemented regulations, strengthened supervision of game publishing activities in accordance with the law, and established and improved content review systems for game publications. These regulations and measures have effectively promoted the healthy development of the game publishing industry, safeguarded the normal publishing business order, protected the legitimate rights and interests of publishing business units, and protected the interests of consumers, especially young consumers.

However, over the years, there have been a series of problems in the game market: Some publishing units lack social responsibility, focusing on economic benefits, light on social benefits, and lacking effective guidance and protection for consumers, especially the majority of young consumers; infringement, piracy, and “private service” illegal publishing activities such as “plug-ins” are still rampant, disrupting the normal publishing order and harming the interests of games publishers and consumers; some illegal games with unhealthy content have entered the market through various channels or spread to China through the Internet, causing adverse social impact; some illegal game business venues are profit-making, and unscrupulous methods are used to attract young consumers, and cases of injury and fraud occur from time to time; some young consumers lack self-control and indulge in games so much that they affect their physical health, work, and learning, which has bad social consequences.

In accordance with the Game Working Committee of the Chinese Publishing Workers Association, in order to maintain social stability, promote the construction of socialist spiritual civilization, protect the physical and mental health of the young people, continuously enhance the social responsibility of game publishing operators, strengthen industry self-discipline, and promote a healthy and orderly game publishing industry, based on the extensive consultation of all sectors of society, drafted this “Healthy Gaming Advice”, which was reviewed and approved by the first council. Our agency believes that this “Healthy Gaming Advice” is conducive to industry standards, protects the interests of consumers and the physical and mental health of young people. After review, it is now published:


Healthy Gaming Advice
Resist bad games, refuse pirated games.
Protect yourself, beware of being deceived.
Moderate gaming benefits the brain, addiction to games hurts it.
Arrange your time reasonably, and enjoy a healthy life.

As of September 1, 2003, all electronic publication publishers should set up necessary procedures in newly published electronic games and Internet game publication agencies in Internet game publications. Before the game starts, they must show the “Healthy Game Advice” in full text at a prominent position on the screen.

Video games published before September 1, 2003 must include the “Healthy Game Advice” when re-released. The local press and publication bureaus should carefully supervise this work, and any game publications that have not posted the “Healthy Game Advice” in accordance with the requirements of the notice will cease publication, operation and sales. At the same time, all electronic game publishing units and Internet game publishing institutions should work closely with the publishing administration, education department, and the Communist Youth League system to do a good job of publicity, so that consumers, especially young consumers, understand the “Healthy Game Advice” and guide the general public. Adolescents should use games legally, scientifically and moderately to create a civilized and healthy living environment for them.