Approval for publishing domestic online game works

By Todd KuhnsLast Updated on Dec 7, 2020
Approval for publishing domestic online game works

Setting basis

“Publication Management Regulations” (in accordance with the fourth revision of the “Decision of the State Council on Amending Some Administrative Regulations” (State Council Order No. 666) on February 6, 2016) Article 72: “Accept publications donated by foreign institutions or individuals The administrative measures for overseas publications ordered by subscribers, the examination and approval and management measures for online publishing shall be separately formulated by the publication administration department of the State Council in accordance with the principles of these Regulations.”

License conditions

1. The publishing unit must be an online publishing service unit with the scope of online game publishing;

2. The declared domestic online game works have gone through the copyright registration procedures or related notarization, or the game copyright owner’s clear self-declaration (commitment), the game copyright owner must be a Chinese citizen or a domestic enterprise;

3. Game operating agencies must have a “Telecom and Information Service Business License” (ICP Certificate);

4. The game works comply with the “Publication Management Regulations”, “Internet Information Service Management Measures”, “Online Publishing Service Management Regulations” and other laws and regulations;

5. Game operation agencies must comply with relevant national regulations on the protection of minors and other regulations on game operation activities.

Quantitative restrictions

Meet the requirements of relevant total, structure and layout planning

License procedure

The applicant shall submit the publication approval application materials to the local provincial publication management department, and the provincial publication management department will submit it to the National Press and Publication Administration for approval.

License period

80 working days from the date of acceptance of the application

List of materials to be submitted

1. The local provincial publication management department reported to the National Press and Publication Administration for instructions; detailed instructions

1. Please indicate the type of language, the main sender is the National Press and Publication Administration, there should be a page header, a document number, and a complete official seal;

2. The main text should specify the game name, game category (computer or mobile or game console or other), publishing unit, operating agency, and the content of the items to be declared. If it is a game console game, the specific game console type should be stated in the document;

3. The name of the game should be simple and clear, highly generalized and reflect the content of the game; in principle, it is not allowed to use characters other than simplified Chinese characters, and it is not allowed to have the same name with the approved game. The naming of the game should not violate relevant national laws and regulations; the content of the game should not violate The provisions of Article 25 and Article 26 of the “Regulations on Publishing Administration” may contain vulgar, vulgar, kitsch and other content that violates the core socialist values;

4. A request document for a game, the submitted materials are A4 paper specifications, 1 type 2 copies, no need to bind into a book;

5. Mini games (more than 10) running on the same platform are allowed to be declared in the same file, but in principle, no more than 20 games at a time are allowed.

2. “Application for Publication of Domestic Computer Online Game Works” or “Application Form for Publication of Domestic Mobile Game Works”; detailed description

1. The “Application for Publication of Domestically-produced Computer Online Game Works” is applicable to the application of domestically-made online game works such as single-player games downloaded from the client, web page and the Internet, and the “Application for Publication of Domestically-produced Mobile Game Works” is applicable to domestically-made mobile online game works. declare;

2. The “game operation situation of the operating organization” refers to the specific situation of the operating organization’s daily game operation activities, which should include: the earliest time of the game operation activity, the game works that have been operated, and the game works that are in operation And other necessary circumstances;

3. “Publishing professionals” refer to publishing editors who are actually engaged in the review of game content in publishing units and have primary, intermediate and above publishing professional qualifications;

4. The “review report” of the publishing unit must include: an accurate introduction of the content of the game work, the start and end time of the review by the publishing unit, the problems found during the review and the revision process, and the final clear review opinion;

5. The application materials must be signed by the responsible editor in charge of the game review and the editor-in-chief of the publishing unit respectively, and affixed with the official seal of the publishing unit.

3. Copyright certification materials and related certification documents of the copyright owner; detailed description

1. If the submitted copyright certification material is a copyright registration certificate (copy), the method of obtaining the right in the registration certificate is the original acquisition, and the game declaration name must be exactly the same as the full name or abbreviation of the registration certificate software name. If the transferee obtains it, it must be submitted at the same time The original copy of the copyright registration certificate or the copy of the copyright transfer contract, stamped with the official seals of the parties;

2. If the submitted copyright certification material is a notarized certificate (copy), the name of the game and copyright owner must be clearly reflected in the notarized certificate, which must be exactly the same as in the application documents;

3. If the submitted copyright certification material is a self-declaration (original), the name of the game and copyright owner must be clearly reflected in the declaration, which must be exactly the same as in the declaration document;

4. The copyright owner must be a Chinese citizen or a domestic-funded enterprise, the citizen shall submit a copy of the ID card, and the enterprise shall submit a copy of the business license with the official seal of the enterprise;

5. If it is a packaged and declared game running on the same platform, the platform’s copyright certification materials must be submitted at the same time.

4. Business license and ICP certificate (copy) of the operating organization as a legal person; detailed description

Copy, stamped with the official seal of the operating agency. If the operating agency and the copyright owner are not the same enterprise, a copy of the operating contract signed between the operating agency and the copyright owner and the official seal of the copyright owner must also be submitted.

5. Screenshot of the game screen; detailed description

The screenshots must be clear and color-printed pictures, the number of which shall not be less than 10, which can fully reflect the core content and basic appearance of the game work, including at least one picture of the main interface of the game with the name of the game.

6. The full text of the Chinese script of the game works and the game’s banned word database; detailed description

1. The full text of the Chinese script of the game works refers to the set of all Chinese characters appearing in the game, including but not limited to system prompts, NPC dialogues, task plot descriptions, game item names, etc.;

2. This material only needs to be provided in an electronic version.

7. Description of the function setting of the game anti-addiction system; detailed description

1. In accordance with the requirements of the “Notice on Preventing Minors from Indulging in Online Games Work”, screenshots illustrate the settings of the real-name registration system, time period control system, payment system, and tourist mode;

2. Provide real-name registration system, payment system, statutory holiday period time control system and other real and effective guarantees that the content cannot be effectively reviewed before the game goes online;

3. The review process and conclusion of the anti-addiction system of the provincial publication management department and publishing unit.

8. “Administrator” account used for content review and test account of game anti-addiction system; detailed description 

1. The “manager” accounts used for content review are adult accounts, with 3 high, medium, low, and blank accounts each. The high, medium, and low-level accounts must be bound to game resources or currencies that meet the review needs;

2. Anti-addiction system test account 2 groups, each group has 3 high, medium and low level, binding game resources or currency that meet the needs of review.

9. Supplementary materials for game review; detailed description

1. The client game must submit 3 copies of the client CD or USB disk;

2. Web games must provide the game login URL;

3. For mobile games, a usable installation package CD or USB disk must be provided in 3 copies or the installation package download URL;

4. To download a stand-alone game online, the download URL must be provided and a detailed description of the game installation and operation environment and conditions;

5. If the game needs to be run on a game console or other special review equipment, 2 special review equipment for the installed game must be provided (the review equipment will be returned to the application unit after the game approval is over);

6. The client can be installed, the test or download website can be opened, the game can be run, the account can be used normally, and the declared game version must be exactly the same as the published version.

10. A CD or USB disk containing electronic files and game demonstration videos containing all application text materialss; detailed description

1. CD or USB disk in 3 copies in 1 format;

2. The name of the game and the words “electronic documentation”, “demonstration video” and “installation package” are marked on the CD or USB disk, and the application materials are arranged in order;

3. The duration of the game demonstration video is not less than 10 minutes. The video needs to show healthy game advice, game title, game main interface, anti-addiction effect, all character images, all accessible scenes, all experienceable systems, and combat. The system must show the actual combat effects in the game, and the duration should be no less than 2 minutes.

Format text of application


Organizer and contact number

010-83138708; 83138716

Office hours


Address of handling agency

No. 40, Xuanwumenwai Street, Xicheng District, Beijing