Why do I need a security solution for my app?

By Antony ChangLast Updated on Oct 10, 2019
Why do I need a security solution for my app?

Everybody pretty much understands the necessity for a security solution when it comes to protecting computers from hacks and viruses. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for apps. This lack of knowledge has led to a huge problem. In China and other extremely dense markets, thousands of apps are being hacked and illegally distributed without app developers knowing. This year alone, we’ve discovered that more than half of our clients’ apps were already illegally distributed on the Chinese market.

Before we talk about possible solutions, let’s understand why apps are more commonly hacked in China in the first place.

Why are apps hacked?

Apps are usually hacked in China for the following 3 reasons:

1. App stores distribute your app unofficially themselves because they see that your app is popular and is bringing in lots of users and downloads. Store editors simply search for popular apps, download and illegally upload them onto their store. These copied apps are normally clearly labelled as “unofficial” versions.

the economist piracy example
The Economist must have been hacked (no “official” mark).

2. Hackers include either false content or malware to hurt your branding and damage your reputation.

3. Hackers have added another layer of code with different monetization solutions to generate income from your app.

How can piracy issues be solved?

AppInChina can solve problem #1 by helping you “Reclaim” your app and gain the official version seal. Sometimes this process can involve eliminating hundreds of copies from many stores, which can take up to a couple of weeks to complete.

However, once the reclaiming process is complete, all unofficial versions will be taken offline, the original app will be uploaded to all of the relevant traffic sources and no unofficial versions will be allowed to be uploaded to the stores that your app has been reclaimed from.

microsoft piracy example
Guess why Microsoft Office Mobile has an “official” mark next to it….

Both problem #2 & #3 can be solved by using security solutions providers such as SecNeo & GuardSquare. This type of security service provider will offer protective solutions that will create a shell around your app and stop hackers from breaking in.

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