App Store User Acquisition for China

App Store User Acquisition for China

Congratulations! You have finally launched your app or game in China and are ready to invest in some mobile advertising to find users. You’ll be in good hands with the experts at AppInChina, where we make it simple to understand China’s unique media landscape.

AppInChina’s User Acquisition (UA) Service

AppInChina’s offers two types of User Acquisition (UA) services:

  • App Store UA – Paid advertising and other campaigns within China’s app stores, where your app or game is listed.
  • Media Platform UA – Mobile advertising across China’s media landscape

We usually recommend our clients try App Store UA first, because app stores tend to have the most reliable user data and the largest number of high-quality users. This page covers our App Store UA model.

China App Store UA CPD Bidding

CPD (Cost per Download) bidding is the most effective way to increase your downloads on the major Chinese app stores.

There are two types of CPD bidding available:

  • Keyword Search CPD – Enables you to select popular search keywords on each app store and bid to ensure that your app or game appears as high as possible on relevant search results.
Keyword Search CPD
Keyword Search CPD
  • Featured Position CPD – Enables your app to appear in relevant locations across the app store. Ads can appear on the home page, categories page, and/or featured page.
Featured Position CPD
Featured Position CPD

Quality Weight

Your Quality Weight also helps determine the results of Keyword Search and Featured Position CPD campaigns, and is based on these factors:

  • Download number
  • User rating
  • Number of comments
  • Retention Rate
  • App Introduction

Download number tends to hold the strongest weight in these factors for most campaigns.

  1. Testing – We recommend testing App Store UA on Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi for a trial period of 15 to 30 days to determine the key metrics for each App Store UA channel.
  2. Expansion – According to the results of the testing phase, the next phase is to expand the scale of the App Store UA campaign by increasing your budget, in order to ensure that the results achieved in the testing phase are repeatable at scale.
  3. Stabilization – Once expansion phase is proven to produce a positive return on investment, we move to stabilization. We confirm an App Store UA strategy for your app to ensure we maintain these results over the long-term.