Our Clients

"AppInChina helped us submit our apps to a number of top stores in China when we did not have a local team to do it, which was very useful as a first step."

Gina Gotthilf from Duolingo
Head of Marketing and International Development at Duolingo

"I started out believing that distributing my app would be as simple as it was posting an app to the Google Play and Apple App Store. It takes about 30 minutes from start to finish, so, I assumed that it would be similar to those stores...with some language translations mixed in. Obviously, it is not. The 'great wall' has a LOT of illogical 'policies and procedures' that would make the process completely impossible for a non-native speaker to navigate. "

Jason Crawforth from GPS Phone Tracker
Owner of GPS Phone Tracker

Key Steps


Either localize your app into Chinese yourself or we’ll do it for you.


We register for developer accounts with each store and then upload your app.


We provide a range of ongoing services including updates, app promotion, app usage tracking and many more!