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Bring your App to China

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To which stores can you send my mobile App?

We are currently able to send your android mobile application to the top 20 stores in China.

360 Yìngyòng (360应用)、wān dòujiá (豌豆荚)、xiǎomǐ market (小米市场)、 91 shǒujī zhùshǒu91(手机助手)、(jī fēng)机锋、Youyi、 ānzhuō market (安卓市场) 、wǎngyì 163 (网易 163)、téngxùn(腾讯)、bǎidù(百度).

Ān zhì(安智)、huáwèi(华为)、tiānyì(天翼)、rén rén wǎng(人人网)、MM Market-China Mobile(MM商场-中国移动)、N duō market (N多市场)、mù mǎyǐ(木蚂蚁)、liántōng wò shāngdiàn (联通沃商店)、lè shāngdiàn - liánxiǎng(乐商店-联想)、 mèizú yìngyòng center (魅族应用中心).

In what format should my mobile application be?
Since we are dealing with Android, we can only accept APK files.
Can the App description be in English?
Yes, the description of your mobile application can be in English, but we recommended that you translate your App's description and materials into Chinese. Doing so will help you to get more downloads of your App.
How long does the upload process take?
It can take 5-6 weeks for your Apps to be uploaded to all the stores and approved. In any case, we will inform you as soon as your App is approved on all of the stores.
Can I track downloads from the stores?
Yes, if you wish to do so then we can subscribe you to a 3rd party service for tracking your downloads from each store and send you a weekly report on this.
What do I need provide to you in order to start the app distribution process?

If you are not interested in tracking your downloads all you need to do is send us the following:

  1. Your App APK file
  2. Your App icon (512x512 px)
  3. Your product description in English or Chinese
  4. 10 screenshots of your App (each store has it's own number requirements). Please number the screenshots according to your priority. For example, if the App is called "Great App" then the screenshot names would be: "greatappscreenshot1.jpg", "greatappscreenshot2.jpg", "greatappscreenshot3.jpg",etc.

Screenshots must be either in JPG or PNG formats

Can you add paid Apps to the stores?
Yes, we can add paid App to the store or an App that uses In-App Purchase (IAP) as well. However, such a process requires integrating the store's SDK into your App. We can assist getting the SDK from the store for you.
What is the process if I need to update my App?
No worries, we do that as well! Just, send us the app again and we will re-upload the app for you at 50% of your previously chosen plan.

Who am I?

My name is Shlomo Freund, I am an entrepreneur living in Beijing, China. I launched Startup Noodle, Organizer of Lean Startup Meetup In Beijing and occasionally speak at conferences about entrepreneurship and startups in China. You can find me on Twitter, or on the Startup Noodle Facebook page.