Why do I Need a security Solution for my app?

Since the PC world exists for many years now everybody are aware of the necessity for a security solution protecting computer from hacks and viruses. This is not so much the case with apps and this is due to the fact that it’s a relatively young industry and still evolves.

Many of our clients who ask us to distribute their app on the Chinese market are already there without them knowing this.

This can happen because mainly three reasons and mostly with already popular apps:

1. The store itself decided that your app is a good asset to add to their store and added it unofficially. There would sometimes be a label on the app page saying its: “unofficial” . There is a way to cope with this problem. Please see What is a claiming process? (Coming soon)

if you want to monitor your app and see if you have any non official or hacked versions of your app on the Chinese market. Ask about our monitoring service when getting in touch with us.

2. Your app was hacked and perhaps was added with either malware, which will hurt your branding, or with monatization solution which you make no income from.

3. Your app was hacked and the code is used to build another app with the same structure but then adding the hackers content as well on the top of your content or replacing it.

A Security solution can handle #2 and #3 mentioned here. A good security solution creates a shell around your app and protects it.

Since we saw this neccecity in the market we partnered with Secneo to help solve this problem to our clients. Secneo is ranked first among app security solutions and we are very glad working with them.

Still, if your app is fairly new (or you don’t care it being hacked) you probably don’t need this kind of soution right away. As you get more traction of your app either in or out of China it’s worth considering.

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