What’s the Revenue Share That Stores in China Take for Purchases From Developers? 

China app market is split between the stores and the phone carriers which are government owned companies.

The amount of revenue that the developer gets depends on what kind of transaction is made in the app.

Android stores in China unlike Google play and Apple who charge 30% of a transaction, take mostly 50% of the revenue from a transaction made through them.

This number is not definite as sometime a trisection would also invove one of the local carriers. In this case, the developer will give 70% of a transaction, which split 40% to the store and 30% to the carrier.

These are the normal charges of most of the stores in China. There are cases that stores either have promotions or not charging yet at all (usuallu small or mid size stores).

Also a store can charge even more the the usual 50% in case of a special deal with the store. On those deals the store would push an app/game on the best way they can but their revenue share can sky rocket to 90% of the revenue.

There are however cases where you can pay even less. This can happen if there was a transaction which was through a tore that belong to one of the mobile carriers (China mobile, China Unicom or China Telecom). Is this case usually only carrier billing is involved and then the charges are 30% of the transaction.

It’s important to understand that these charges only apply if you use the stores SDKs, which only implies if you have a game app. For regular app it’s possible to use Alipay which cargoes only 1.8-2% for a transaction.

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Store SDK
Store SDK + Carrier billing
Only carrier billing
Alipay only (Non game apps)
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