What’s the difference between an exclusive launch and a joint launch?

On going promotions

It’s never too late to promote your app and having regular promotions on Chinese store is a common thing to do. You can get a featured spot for a certain amount of time on the main page or a store category as you need. These kind of promotions are paid promotions and are on going tool you can use to promote your mobile app in the Chinese market

However when you are just launching your mobile it’s possible to do a launch campaign and there are two types of launches you can do, a joint launch and an exclusive launch.

Let’s look into these to understand more what’s the difference between the two.

Exclusive launch 

This type of launch means that you give exclusivity to a store for a 24-72 hours to be a first timer in having your app on their platform.

When a store offers an exclusive launch to an app developer it doesn’t mean that your app is solely going to be only on this store. It just means that it’s going to be on that specific platform for the amount of time agreed.

This is a concern some of our clients have as obviously they don’t want to limit themselves into only one platform,. There is no limit here so there is nothing to worry about.

An exclusive launch has one advantage, if you are giving exclusivity to a store they will give you the best spots possible pushing your app to get more downloads. The cons are that you are only on a single store and once you already on one store the other stores would be less likely to give you launch promotions.

Joint launch

This type of launch means that you launch your app at the same date with a couple of stores. Some of the stores willing to do these kind of launches as long as it’s published on their store first (although not exclusively).

On a joint launch you will be featured on those stores but the spots you’ll get from the stores on their platforms are not as good as an exclusive launch. Still, the advantage here is that you are being featured on several stores together.

Here is a short table to help you understand the main differences between these two types of launch on the Chinese app market.

To summarise:


Type of launch
Number of stores
Featured position
Exclusive launch
1 store
Tend to be the best spots
Joint launch
several stores
Secondary spots
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