What Kind of SDK You Should use for Which Kind of app?

Most of the questions we get from our clients are about the right way to monetize their app in China. They way it works with Google Play or iTunes is adding their payment solution. Google play payment just (November 2014) got into the Chinese market,

Still it’s not common and people usually download their apps from hundreds of other platforms/stores and the local Android stores have developed their own SDKs to implement their payment solution.

Since our clients vary with the type of apps they have, we came across several ways to add payment service on your app and the fact is that not all apps are created equal.

Chinese Android stores relate differently to games and other types of apps. The former is much more important as 80% of the money made from apps in China is from games.

Therefore most of the Chinese Android stores will require that games would use their payment solution. That would require the publisher to implement separate SDK for each store. There are solutions on the Chinese market to solve this problem and save on the development time on this.

For non game apps the stores most of the times don’t mind of the payment solution and would accept 3rd party solutions, such as Alipay.

All of the above is relevant only if you have In-app-purchases in your app. Our service includes the support for helping with the different SDK implementation.

For apps with advertisement the store don’t have their advertising solutions and therefore 3rd party solutions (Like Adsmogo, our partners) is acceptable. The disadvantage of this is that the stores are then less keen of promoting such apps as they don’t make money from them. It’s not that promotion is not possible but simply harder to get.

To summarise:

App business model
Game App
Non game app
Store payment solution
3rd party payment solution (Alipay)
Free with advertising
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