What is Alipay and When Should I use it in my App?

First of all a short introduction about Alipay. Alipay is the largest billing service currently on the Chinese market by far of any other company and is owned by Alibaba.

Alipay payment solution can also be integrated in your app, instead of a local store payment SDK. This is a big advantage as fees for Alipay are significantly lower that a store billing

To see what are the differences in charges please see our post about  What’s the Revenue Share That Stores in China Take for Purchases From Developers

Another big advantage of using Alipay is the fact that you only need to integrate it once and then you are good to go with your app on several stores, while if you implement a store billing you need to implement different billing SDK for each of the stores.

You would think that Alipay would be the ultimate payment solution on the Chinese market and truth is that it’s pretty robust, but  when it comes to game apps where the stores see most of their revenue from they would insists having their own payment solution integrated and this is when you have to use  different payment system that Alipay.

To know more about the right SDK to use with which type of app you have please check what kind of SDK you should use for which kind of app

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