How Come my app is Already on the Chinese Market without my Permission? How Come I Have Traffic From China?

Here is a case we get quite often from users:

A user get in touch with us and says:

“I never put my app on the Chinese market but I still see traffic from China and I don’t know how can that be?!”

A possible answer to this question is that your app is already on the Chinese market without you knowing it. Congrats!

The situation on the Chinese market is that a store is interested in having good quality popular apps on their platform. This obviously brings in more users and more downloads.

So, stores editors would search for popular apps, download them and add them to their store. So, your app actually exists unofficially in China and this is how it’s treated. On some of the stores such an app would have an “official” mark next to it.


Uber has an “official” mark next to it. Guess how we know…


So, when you want to make your app official on the Chinese market you need to do a process called “Claiming”. A claiming process means that you prove that the copy of the app you are now uploading is the official one and the one that already exists is a copy. You do need to upload a newer version of your app in order to do this process.


Wally App currently has non official copies (no "official sign". We help them fix it and "claim" back their app.

Wally App currently has non official copies (no “official” mark). We help them fix it and “claim” back their app.

Another option that your app was hacked and somebody is generating revenue on your back. This is more of a security issue. please see our post about Why do I need a security solution to my app?

Sometimes a claiming process can involve eliminating hundreds of copies from many stores, making it a process that can take a couple months sometimes.

We do offer a monitoring and claiming service to cope with this problem. more information on it can be found here

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