Finding Your App Is Now Easier With Custom Badges & QR Code Links

By Todd KuhnsPublished on Dec 2, 2019
Finding Your App Is Now Easier With Custom Badges & QR Code Links

To help customers find your app more easily and increase your download rates, we have created “Get It On AppInChina” badges and QR code links for your online and print materials. 

When someone clicks the badge or scans the QR code, it directs them to a custom page where users can choose their preferred Chinese app store and click directly through to your app store listing there.

AppInChina Badge Page

For most stores, this saves users the extra step of having to search for your app themselves on their preferred app store, increasing your download rates. It also gives them a greater freedom of choice and comfortability.

However, please note that not all app stores are available as webpages, and therefore cannot be directly linked. For those stores, there is a note to indicate that the user must go to the app store directly on their phone to find your app.

How To Do It

You can find everything you need in the Distribution tab of your client dashboard, including custom HTML code, your QR code, and graphics in both English and Chinese versions. 

Distribution tab on Client Dashboard.

Just follow these steps:

Copy and paste your custom HTML into your website’s code to insert the badge into your company’s website. We recommend placing it alongside the Google Play and Apple App Store badges. 

Alternatively, you can download the badge image, copy your custom URL, and add the link to it yourself.

AppInChina Badge

Download high-quality print versions of the badge and QR code to add to your print brochures and packaging. Chinese users prefer to scan QR codes with their phones and are well-conditioned to do this. 

Pro Tip:

It may seem strange by Western standards, but adding a QR code to your website – even your mobile version – is also an effective way to get users to follow your link. Most devices can scan a QR code from an image on the phone itself, and this is how many Chinese users tend to follow links on their mobile devices. So be sure to also add the QR code to your site, near the badges.